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Monday, April 27, 2009

Christ decoded. Is Yahweh Christ?

Is Yahweh Christ or is Christ the son of Yahweh? Was it the spirit of Yahweh that descended upon Jesus, and did the God Yahweh walk amongst us as a man and we did not know it, and crucified him? Or is the whole theory of the relationship between Christ and Yahweh a mock theory of the imagination.

Before reading this article, I suggest you read the previous article on the subject titled “Jesus Christ, scientific proof of the existence of God”, where the first three mysteries were explained for this article is the fourth mystery. Now here is scientific mathematical analysis of the relationship between Christ and the God Yahweh, and you may draw the conclusions yourself.

We must first understand that Christ is a spirit and Jesus is a man, and that it is the spirit of Christ that supposedly took over the body of the prophet Jesus during his ministry. Christ and Jesus are two separate entities, just as Moses and the angel Michael are two separate entities. So even if the angel Michael takes over the body of the prophet Moses in order to perform miracles through Moses, Michael is not Moses and Moses is not Michael.

We have been confused for centuries between the relationship of Christ and Jesus, these two are not one and the same. Christ is a spirit that is like the angel Michael, and Jesus was a prophet but the difference here is the type of spirit Christ is compared to that of the angel Michael. So the real question is whether the spirit Christ is the essence of the God Yahweh. Regardless of the conclusion, since Christ and the prophet Jesus are two separate entities, Jesus is not the God Yahweh, but the God Yahweh may be Christ, and we can even say the Jesus was the living manifestation of the God Yahweh.

To proof all these let us turn to the bible code used in the previous article where it was concluded that BERESIT = 77 = LEMINEHU = 77 = ELOAHUM = 77 = EMMANUEL = 77. This formula means Emmanuel is God, God is the seed, the seed is the beginning. Now here is the fourth mystery, Yahweh is written as YHVH. In Hebrew only the consonants of a word is written, leaving out the vowels so it becomes a guess as to what vowels actually has to be inserted between a word to pronounce it. Somewhere in the book of Exodus chapter 6, God reveals himself as JEHOVAH, which is still YHVH. Since any combination of vowels can be substituted in between the consonants some say YHVH is YAHWEH, some say YHVH is JEHOVAH; either of these is correct. The word YHVH is known as a tetragrammaton , the divine name of four letters and can be permutated in various ways. There is a way of determining the power within a word by converting the letters into numbers, and I will give you a new word for YHVH, which is YAHOVAH or JAHOVAH. In Hebrew the vowel letter “E” in between words is the same as the vowel “A”, hence the word EL is actually written as AL. The comparison here is to determine whether the word JEHOVAH has more power than the word YAHOVAH, and here is how it is done.

Using the bible code from the book THE SEVEN HEBREW GODS, or from the previous article by substituting the letters of the name YAHOVAH with numbers we obtain Y = 8, A= 6, H = 12, O = 15, V = 18, A = 6, H = 12. 8 + 6 + 12 + 15 + 18 + 6 + 12 = 77. If the word JEHOVAH is evaluated it sums up to 73. Now let us look at the word CHRIST, which becomes C = 1, H = 12, R = 19, I = 8, S = 20, T = 17, 1 + 12 + 19 + 8 + 20 + 17 = 77. So now here is the fourth mystery BERESIT = 77 = LEMINEHU = 77 = ELOAHUM = 77 =EMMANUEL = 77= YAHOVAH = 77 = CHRIST = 77. The spirit Christ is YHVH; Christians rejoice for here is the answer to your salvation. YHVH is the extension of the angel EMMANUEL that saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo from the burning furnace. There is a connection between YHVH and the God ELOAH, but what is missing is a direct link between the name Jesus and YHVH. There is an explanation for this for as previously mentioned Christ is a spirit and a separate entity of its own and Jesus is a man as a prophet with a separate individually. The spirit is not the man, and the man is not the spirit. At the spiritual level YHVH connects to the angel EMMANUEL, for they are both on the same plain, but they are separate from the man Jesus. The spirit of Christ can hence embody anyone, and cannot be confined to one person hence it cannot have an identity connected to one human being. It may choose to embody someone else thousands of years into the future, for that reason it cannot be limited to one person indefinitely. It may choose to send another person into the world to work with, whose name may be different from any name we know of today, so it cannot be confined to a single human being. We can only accept on faith that the spirit Christ embodied Jesus, but we would never able to find any physical evidence to proof that.

An angel or spirit may work with anyone at any point in time, hence there is no limitation to an individual as to who the angel may be embody in a future time. The son of God was said to have been called YHShVH. The coded analysis of this name does not connect to the God YHVH, and if pronounced will be YAHSHUAH. The name Jesus was derived from the Greek version of the new testament for the documents were originally written in Greek so no one actually know the Hebrew name version of Jesus. The Greeks called him IOESUS, which became Jesus in English, whereas the Koran referred to him as ISA. For the same reason, the place of crucifixion known as Golgatha could not be found for the writer wrote the documents in Greek. A common name during the Hebrew era was YShVH, which is the word Yoshua or Joshua as is commonly known today. It is this name that could have been confused with YHShvH. No matter how many ways we look at it, we may not find a direct link between Jesus and Christ excerpt by faith. I will give a new meaning to the name Emmanuel, as God who saves from fire. For this angel saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo from the flames in the furnace and further he is linked to the God YHVH, who is the God of fire.

Ken Nunoo